Based on my own experience and those reported to me, Moringa has a powerful cleansing effect on the body. It purges the body of any parasite or substances that may be harmful. This is why certain combinations were used by traditional peoples as a remedy for snake and dog bites. There were cases where children with intestinal worms, and tapeworms vomited them up immediately after drinking Moringa.

As Moringa begins to nourish all of the organs of the body, they then have the strength to cast off any toxin and parasites that may have been plaguing it. The powdered leaves has fiber which sweeps out the colon and intestines, dislodging years of toxins and parasite.

Moringa cleans you out and rebuilds you at the same time with its many nutrients. You should drink lots of water. Through the action of the Moringa, it will cleanse you via the bowels. You can also take hot baths to assist in the cleansing through the pores in the skin.

Below is a food combining chart. It is important to properly combine your foods.

Moringa Oleifera

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